Real Estate

We protect properties with high security in our locks and we facilitate the management of accesses in person or remotely without the need to exchange or lose the physical key
With our anti-squatter locks, we protect large property portfolios, increasing security against any possible intrusion or violation to the property. In addition, our smart locks allow keys to be removed and, thus, make it easier and more agile for our clients to manage their properties with the option of knowing who has been there and when, restricting access with just one action from the App.

High security Smart Lock

The wGravity smart lock is invisible from the outside and increases the protection of your property. It is activated and deactivated using your smartphone and offers you the possibility of opening with a key. More info

The solution for access to common areas

wGate is an easy-to-install access system to common areas that allows you to open all types of access from your smartphone. More info

Control of intelligent locks

wMot can be controlled any type of electronic lock using your smartphone. More info

Lock for anti-squatter doors

wOku is a high security motorized lock, specially designed for anti-squatter doors. It has a shock and vibration detection sensor and a long-lasting battery. More info