About us

More than 12 million managed accesses and more than 78.000 intallations since 2016

We are experts in access control to real estate properties. Watchman Door is the technological division of a business group specialized in securing properties for real estate companies.

Watchman Door was founded in 2016 to meet the needs a of an increasingly technological society. Since then, we have already managed more than 11 milion accesses in more than 74.000 installations.

Keyless is our goal. The added value of knowing who and when someone has accessed your home is attractive enough that many people are willing to take the plunge.

Having our own engineering team at Watchman Door is one of the company’s values. Thanks to this we can develop new solutions based on our technology.

Are you looking for a solution that allows tou to remove the keys, control an access or perform an opening from your smartphone? Contact us

Start up
We started the production of smart locks for the Real Estate industry
- 20K locks produced
- We attend MWC as an innovative technology company
- wGravity is born
- We consolidate ourselves as a benchmark company in Real Estate
- We started the production of access controls
- We attend the MWC
- wKnob is born

- We received recognition as an Innovative SME
- Opened new branches in Latin America: Mexico and Colombia
- wBolt is born
- 64K installations
- 10M access controls
- We tripled our workforce
- We attend the MWC
- wWatchman is born
- We start the year with 74K installations managed and 11M access controls
- We attend the MWC

Comprehensive and secure solutions

Our solutions consists of 3 actors:

  • The App intalled on the visitor’s smartphone.
  • The Watchman Door product installed in the point of access.
  • The Cloud, where we can manage the accesses that each user may have on each product.

What accesses can we control?

At Watchman Door we are specialists in access control and we can develop customized opening solutions for your home or for different lines of business such a:

  • Retail furniture (both display cabinets and furniture with drawers or doors)
  • Neighborhood access bollars
  • Car parks
  • Elevators
  • Rent control by time (paddle, tennis courts, rooms, meeting rooms, etc.)
  • Lockers
  • Motorized and revolving access control
  • Custom opening packaging
  • Any other access control you need to implement

Who is behind Watchman Door?

Watchman Door is a young company with a simple structure. Thanks to our efficient and cohesive team, we respond quickly and constantly innovate. Our purpose is to improve people’s day to day life.

Who do we collaborate with?

Presence in technology and innovation media