Frequently asked questions

How can I buy a Watchman Door product?

If you want information about any of our products, please contact us by calling +34 937 378 104 or sending an email to info@watchmandoor.com


Are Watchman Door products compatible with any door?

Our products adapt to any access. If you have questions about whether the product you want is compatible with your door, contact us by calling +34 937 378 104 or sending an email to info@watchmandoor.com

Do Watchman Door products increase security?

Our products have three main objectives: eliminate keys, increase security and offer total control of your access. If you are an individual and you are especially interested in products that enhance security, see the "Home security" section.


Can I still use the key to open and close the door?

All Watchman Door products allow you to continue using traditional keys if you wish.

How can I open the access if I have forgotten my phone or it is out of battery?

All of our products are controlled and managed through the Watchman Door app. If you do not have your mobile phone or it is without battery, you can open the app from another device by accessing your personal account.

What happen if my Watchman Door product runs out of battery?

Before the product runs out of battery, you will receive prompts on your mobile phone to remind you to change the batteries. In addition, in your personal Watchman Door account you can check the status of the battery at all times.

How many digital keys can I have with Watchman Door products?

Watchman Door products include up to 10 digital keys, but if you want more than 10 keys, you can purchase them. The number of digital keys is infinite.


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