Facilitate access to rooms for your guests
With Watchman Door products, you will provide your hotel guests with access to rooms or private areas, managing the digital keys in an easy and comfortable way from your smartphone. In addition, you will eliminate the plastic from the access cards and avoid losing them.

Motorised handle

wWatchman is a smart handle that allows you to open your asset without keys, through your smartphone, from the inside and outside of the door. More info

Smart Bolt

The wBolt smart bolt can be installed on any door and is completely invisible from the outside. With it, you reinforce the security of your property since you can activate it from inside and outside it through your smartphone. More info

The solution for access to common areas

wGate is an easy-to-install access system to common areas that allows you to open all types of access from your smartphone. More info

Control of intelligent locks

wMot can be controlled any type of electronic lock using your smartphone. More info