Lock for anti-squatter doors

Lock for anti-squatter doors

Improve your anti-squatter door

This product is a lock specially designed for anti-squatter doors of STM Security but without any exclusivity.

STM Security manufactures armored doors built entirely of high strength steel and high security lock. The structure is designed to offer maximum protection against forced openings, both externally and internally. The anti-squatter door is installed on the frame of the main door of the house, without altering or damaging the original door. The structure allows access to the house in complete safety and is easy to disassemble to return to the house its normal appearance.

Since October 2017, STM Security has integrated the Watchman Door wOku as a lock for its doors.

The wOku lock is equipped with:

BLE Bluetooth Low Energy

Total access control

GPRS or Narrowband IoT Communication

Lock status notification

Battery indicator

Detection of vibrations and intrusion

Speak and listeningfacility

Easy installation

At Watchman Door we designed the wOku lock housing based on the anti-squatter door.